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June 15, 2021

21 – 25 June 2021

weekly notices

Mosaic Packs 

Thank you to all the families who have signed up for this exciting collaboration. Mosaic packs can be collected from the hall at collection time from Tuesday 22 March – Thursday 24 March for Grades 00 – 5s. Grade 6 & 7s will have their packs sent home with them. An information e-mail will be sent on Monday 21 June.   

Collection times and venues for Friday, 25 June 

10.45     Main gate            Grade 6 and Grade 7

10.45     Scout Hall            Grade 3 and Grade 4

11.00     Main gate            Grade 5

11.00     Scout Hall            Grade 1 and Grade 2

11.15     Main gate            Grade 00 and Grade 0

Just as we do with Wood Road, please treat Lea Road as a one way from Sandown Road down to Riverton Road for the duration of the collection times.

Screening/Register Forms for Term 3 

New forms will be given out to each pupil next week for Term 3.  These will be placed in their plastic sleeve so they are ready for the first day of next term.

Covid Protocols

Please be extra cautious as we enter the school holidays and keep to the Covid protocols in order to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.  Thank you to Dr Claudia Gray for the following reminders:

  • If any direct family member or any other direct contact goes for a Covid test, your daughter must be kept at home until the result of the Covid test is known.
  • Self quarantining is 10 days from the time there was last contact with a positive person. If during this time, you become symptomatic and test positive, you have to start a further 10 days isolation from the time of onset of the symptoms.
  • Self-isolation is 10 days from the onset of symptoms (test positive) or, if asymptomatic, 10 days from a positive test result. You may return to school/work without re-testing as long as the person is symptom-free.
  • The best time to test (for the most accurate result) after being exposed to a positive person is 7/8 days from the last contact.
  • The PCR test has a longer turnaround time (1/2 days) but is best as it is sensitive to asymptomatic people as well as those with symptoms.
  • The Rapid Test is cheaper and you can get results as quickly as 15 minutes. This is a better test for symptomatic people, but it is less sensitive in younger children.

Warm and Woolly Civvies Day

Our termly civvies day will be held on Wednesday 12 June. For a fee of R20, girls may come dressed to school in their Warm and Woolly Winter outfits. All proceeds go towards the support staff end of year hampers. Please use the snapscan alongside for cashless payment. Thank you for your support.  

Change of School Bank Account Details

Please refer to the communication regarding the change of the school’s bank account details. Parents are to please update their beneficiary details on their side and, for those on debit orders, please submit the Change of Debit Order Form by Wednesday, 23 June.

sport and extra murals

Sport & Extra Mural Timetable Term 2 & 3

Click here for the Term 2 & 3 Sport & Extra Mural Timetable Please note the times and venues.

We will continue with practices for both netball and hockey on both the respective sport days, focusing on skills and fitness until matches are allowed to resume.

Sport until the end of Term 2: Grade 1-7

Please note the following arrangements with regards to sport until the end of the term:


No more extra-mural hockey for Grade 1 – 5.

Grade 6 and Grade 7 extra-mural hockey will finish on Thursday, 24 June at Hartleyvale. There will be no practice for them on Tuesday, 22 June.

On Tuesday, 22 June, Grade 3 will have their compulsory Sport Hour as usual from 13.30 – 14.30.

All Grade 4– 7 pupils who play hockey, must be collected from school on Tuesday, 22 June at 14.30.


No extra-mural netball for Grade 3 – 5.

Grade 6 and 7 extra-mural netball will have practice on Monday, 21 June and Wednesday, 23 June at Micklefield from 14.30 – 15.45

Sport at the start of Term 3


Grade 1 extra-mural hockey will start on Monday, 26 July

Grade 2 extra-mural hockey will start on Thursday, 22 July

Grade 3 extra-mural hockey will start on Tuesday, 20 July

Grade 4 – Grade 7 extra-mural hockey will start on Tuesday, 20 July


Grade 3 – Grade 7 extra-mural netball will start on Wednesday, 21 July

Weekly snapshots

The Grade 3s had such fun with their “Rooikappie” mondelinge this week. 



Gr 6 Entrepreneurs raised awareness for their organisation on Friday by sharing important information about Mdzananda Animal Clinic. They arranged for a representative to come and share with the Gr 6 & 7 girls how the clinic works. Well done to Zinathi & Unarine for raising awareness for their organisation.

The Grade 4s had a fantastic time presenting their Afrikaans play Aspoestertjie. Drop dead gorgeous they were!
Sophie Burchell had us enthralled with her talk about Justice Ginsburg as part of the Grade 4s orals on an inspiring female leader.
Mrs Ples is about 2,3 million years old. She was discovered by Dr Broom in the Sterkfontein caves. Her discovery was very exciting as she walked upright.
Sophie Fyvie (Piano), Alexa Burns (Recorder) and Hannah Pearson (Piano)
Hanna Eaches (Piano) and Rania Parker (Flute)

Well done to these young musicians who treated us to their playing during assembly this week.

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