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May 28, 2021

31 May – 4 June 2021

Weekly notices


The Grade 7 classes of 2019 and 2020’s end of year gift to the school was a mosaic for our new Learning Centre. The Tree Mosaic is beginning to take shape and will also include a mosaic on the steps leading up to the centre. The steps mosaic will be a collaborative project and Micklefield families will be invited to participate. Further information will follow next week.


Please do not send packets of un-popped popcorn or food that needs to be heated to school. Use of the kitchen and microwave is a Grade 7 privilege. We have recently had a number of requests for popcorn to be popped by younger grades!


The Grade 6s are busy raising funds for their chosen charities. The project teaches the girls the importance of social responsibility and how to market and sell and project. Support is completely voluntary. These are the drives currently on the go:

Father’s Day Gift Boxes:

We are Giving to Guide Dogs, in support of the SA Guide Dogs Association. To raise funds for our organisation, we are putting together gift boxes for Father’s Day. The gift box will include homemade biscuits, fudge, nuts or pretzels and a hand-drawn greeting card.

Included here is a Google Form for ordering the gift boxes: Gift Box order form

Lunch Service:

“Dreading making yet another school lunch? Tabitha and Julia in Grade 6 can help! As part of our social entrepreneurship project we are offering to prepare and provide lunch for your daughter/s for WEDNESDAYS for the next 6 weeks (starting next week Wednesday 19th May and running to 23rd June). Our healthy lunch boxes will include a roll of your daughter’s choice, fruit and a healthy treat all for just R30 per lunch – discounted if you sign up for all 6 weeks! Here is the form for sign-up. Sign-up Form

Any questions please email Tabitha (tab-por@micklefield.co.za) or Julia (jul-geb@micklefield.co.za) or whatsapp Michelle 083 379 8746 or Belinda 084 305 2119. All funds raised will go to Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary https://greytonfarmsanctuary.org/. Thank you for your support!”


A reminder to please notify the class teacher or the office if your daughter is absent from school.  Please be aware that if your daughter is absent or sent home due to not being well on a particular day, she may not attend an extra-mural on that afternoon.  This applies to both school and private extra-murals.

Sport & extra murals


The new sport and extra-mural timetable for Term 2 and Term 3 is available on the School Communicator. Please note the times and venues. We will continue with practices for both netball and hockey on both the respective sport days, focusing on skills and fitness until matches are allowed to resume.


Paul Khuphwathea is a FIDE accredited Developmental Chess teacher who is currently teaching chess at some of the other local schools.  If the interest is enough, we will offer this extra-mural on Mondays before school from 07.00 – 07.45. Please see the information under Resources, Sport and let Sandi Blackbeard know by Wednesday, 3 June if you would be interested in signing your daughter up for this extra-mural.


Please ensure that your daughter’s hair is tied back neatly and that all the tracksuit tops and fleecy tops are clearly marked.  The girls need to wear their tops to and from practices and matches.  It is important to put a warm top on after exercising.

weekly snapshots

U13 NETBALL The U13 netball girls had a picnic after practice on Wednesday for Coach Nonku’s birthday. Nonku is a past pupil of Micklefield who has been coaching netball with us for many years!


The Grade 7 girls visited each of the classes from Grades 1 to 6 to explain the role of the mediators at Micklefield.  They told the girls that they were there at break time to help them to resolve some of their friendship issues. 

When one little girl said to a group that they sometimes were a little embarrassed to tell the Grade 7s the reply was “You have no need to feel embarrassed.  We know what it is like to have friendship issues.  We have all been in your shoes.  You can come to us any time”. 

Each group then demonstrated by way of a role-play how mediation works.

Ava Klerk’s puppy, Charlie, came to visit us in class. He was very well behaved and sat beautifully for his treat.
During the Staff Development last Friday afternoon, the Habit of Mind, ‘Gathering data through all senses’ was being explored.  Mrs Keeton and Miss Oduwole had to smell, touch and taste while being blind-folded …

Micklefield girls spent the morning getting to know each other in their family groups. They learnt about each other, their interests and families.

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